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Years ago, we became frustrated by the “cookie cutter” financial planning that dominates the industry.  This once-size-fits-all approach forces the same products and solutions on almost everyone.  Compounding the issue is the fact that the outcomes are usually in the best interest of the brokers and firms selling them rather than the people they’re supposed to help.   

This reality is what led us to develop our Wealth with Peace™ planning process. It takes you through our custom, integrated approach to planning.  Although the process never changes, the outcomes it produces for each family are unique and the results provide a customized, written blueprint based on their individual values and goals. 



  • It starts by identifying your vision & values
  • Then, it clearly defines your goals & objectives based on those values
  • Next, it gives you a written plan of action to help you achieve those goals by overcoming the obstacles that stand in your way and avoiding future pitfalls
  • Ultimately, it gives you the peace of mind and freedom you ‘re looking for
  • It’s all about making the complex, simple

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