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Below you will find resources designed to help you apply what you’ve learned to your unique set of circumstances. Knowledge is great, but without action it’s not likely that you will experience better results. Take the next step with our exclusive content designed to put you on a path towards your ideal future.

Retire Happy eBook

An ideal retirement can look different for different people. One thing we believe is universal when it comes to a happy retirement is that it is based on your values. What’s truly important to you? Whatever your answer, that should define your goals and your vision of the perfect retirement. This eBook was designed with that belief in mind. Beginning with getting clear about what happiness means to you, this eBook will help you think about your retirement in a unique and more meaningful way.


21-Point Wealth Assessment

It can be difficult to know how prepared you are for the future.  We designed this assessment tool to help give you a better understanding about where you stand.  Are you fully ready to enjoy an abundant retirement?  Could you benefit from a stress test of your “Wealth Engine?”  Maybe you feel confident, but you’re missing out on some major opportunities that can safeguard you and your family from unforeseen obstacles that could derail your ideal retirement.  Take this quiz and find out. 


10 Obstacles to Successful Investing eBook

The average DIY investor consistently underperforms what they’ve invested in over long periods of time.  One study of a nearly 20-year period ending in 2002 showed that equity mutual funds returned nearly 10% a year, while the average equity mutual fund investor got only 2.6% a year over that same period.  How is this possible? In this eBook, we discuss what we believe to be the most important reasons why DIY investing can be so difficult and often produces such underwhelming results.  More importantly, we outline how you can avoid these 10 common obstacles to successful investing.


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